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Toroidal mirrors

Optical Surfaces now supplies high quality plano-convex and plano-concave toroidal mirrors for spectroscopic and imaging applications.

Toroidal mirrors are focusing devices that have two different radii whose axes are oriented at 90° to each other. Toroids offer advantages where a beam must be focused and folded. Rather than using both a spherical mirror and a plane mirror for this purpose, both functions may be combined in one element. The lower number of optical elements increases energy throughput, saves money and also allows for more compact designs. Toroidal mirrors also correct for the astigmatism that result when a spherical mirror is used off axis.

With workshops and test facilities deep underground where temperatures remain constant and vibration is practically non-existent, Optical Surfaces routinely produces custom toroidal mirrors in a range of materials (zerodur, BK7, fused silica) with typical surface accuracy of better than lambda/5 (dependent on size and radius) and surface quality of 20:10 scratch dig. The company can produce both plano-convex and plano-concave toroidal mirrors in a range of shapes (largest dimension up to 400mm) with high performance and durable optical coatings that provide excellent image quality.


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