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Tiny-LX embedded PC

Advanced Micro Peripherals has released the Tiny-LX embedded PC, providing Pentium class performance for challenging environments. The embedded PC uses the industry standard 3.7 x 4.0-inch PCI-104 form factor. The onboard 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU features low power fan-less operation, even in extended temperatures to +85¢ªC. The board can also be supplied with conformal coating for high humidity applications.

Applications include thin server/client applications, video IP streamers, video surveillance and digital video recorders, vehicle/airborne embedded controllers, medical instrumentation, portable test equipment and industrial automation.

The Tiny-LX is fully compatible with Windows-XP/CE/XP-Embedded, Linux and a wide range of embedded real time operating systems including VxWorks and QNX Neutrino. The board features a fast 10/100MBit Ethernet controller for efficient LAN communications. The integrated display controller can drive analogue VGA and TTL digital flat panel TFT displays simultaneously, with a wide range of display resolutions. The Tiny-LX also features an integrated audio codec with stereo inputs and outputs. Standard peripheral controllers for disks, keyboard, mouse, serial and USB ports are provided. The board operates from a single +5v supply. The high-performance 32-bit PCI expansion bus provides a high bandwidth interface to video encoders, frame grabbers, FireWire interfaces and additional video graphics and overlay controllers.


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