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ThermoImager TIM 400 and 450 thermal imagers

Micro-Epsilon has introduced its ThermoImager TIM 400 and 450 inline infrared thermal imagers. The thermal cameras are able to capture and store thermal video and images with high optical resolution (382 x 288 pixels) at a full frame rate of 80Hz. The TIM 400 and 450 are also equipped with detectors providing excellent thermal sensitivities of 80mK and 40mK respectively. This enables the cameras to detect even smaller changes in temperature.

The new cameras come pre-calibrated with temperature ranges from -20°C to +900°C with an option to extend this to +1,500°C. The fully featured software, TIMConnect, included as standard, provides quick and easy set up together with a range of software tools that enable the cameras to be used in R&D tasks, automated industrial environments, test cells, and for automatic hotspot detection in process and quality control.

The cameras can detect small objects with surface areas down to just 0.8mm2. A frame rate of 80Hz also allows infrared images to be captured in real time, making it ideal for dynamic, high speed, fast moving processes.

Protected to IP67, the TIM 400/450 is robust enough to be installed in harsh industrial environments. The camera can be equipped with optional accessories such as a water cooling jacket, which enables the camera to operate in ambient temperatures up to 240°C. Other options include a high temperature USB cable, mounting flange and angled connector.


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