Protective housings for its ScanControl and ThermoImager

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has introduced a range of protective housings for its scanCONTROL laser profile sensors and its thermoIMAGER range of infrared thermal imaging cameras. The protective housings enable the sensors and cameras to operate in extremely harsh environments, opening up both technologies to a variety of applications that were previously unsuitable.

scanCONTROL and gapCONTROL 26xx/29xx laser profile sensors with measuring ranges of 25, 50 and 100mm are now available with protective housing and blow-out system. This arrangement protects the sensor from mechanical damage and is used when the scanner is required to operate in extremely harsh conditions. If the integrated blow-out system is fed with compressed air, dirt such as dust, swarf and chippings are removed and cleaning/maintenance intervals are extended. The protective window can be easily replaced at low cost.

If the sensors also need to operate in high ambient temperatures, a protective housing with blow-out system and water cooling is available. This version not only protects the sensor from mechanical damage, but also from high ambient temperatures. This is achieved by using a cooling liquid fed around cooling channels/loops that are integrated to the sidewalls of the protective housing. Alternatively, if the sensor needs to operate in low ambient (outdoor) temperatures, the protective housing can be heated using a warm medium.

Protection for infrared cameras

The thermoIMAGER TIM series of infrared thermal imaging cameras from Micro-Epsilon can now be supplied with an outdoor protective housing. When installed in a dusty, humid environment, the camera can be protected in an IP66 housing with additional air purge collar. In low ambient temperatures (down to -40°C), the housing is fitted with a heating element that automatically switches on when the temperature drops below 15°C. Conversely, if the camera needs to operate in high ambient temperatures (up to +50°C), a built-in cooling fan can be provided.

Micro-Epsilon’s thermoIMAGER TIM M1 thermal imager for temperature measurement of metals is now available with a range of protective housings for harsh environments. The cameras can be fitted with a stainless steel air-purging or water-cooled housing that enables the camera to operate in ambient temperatures up to 315°C. Optional protective windows are also available for the camera lens. A quick-release chassis ensures the sensor can be removed easily on site if required.


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