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Telecentric lenses

Optotune and Opto Engineering and are proud to announce the release of eight new telecentric lenses. The lenses offer a broad magnification range from 0.24x to 3.5x and are suitable for the 2/3” camera sensor format. Each of the lenses features an Optotune focus tunable lens embedded into the Opto Engineering lens design to enable focus changes within milliseconds. This advantageous design offers a fully integrated solution for industrial vision systems. The integrated solution is an ideal choice for industrial microscopy and industrial inspection customers who require a state-of-the-art lens, with superior imaging results, and a classleading expanded depth-of-field.

Opto Engineering telecentric lenses with integrated Optotune focus tunable lenses are the ideal solution for:
• Industrial microscopes
• IC inspection
• Mobile camera inspection
• PCB inspection

Optotune and Opto Engineering telecentric lenses offer fast and reliable focusing, enhanced depth-of-field, high image quality, within a robust and compact form factor. They also offer camera orientation independence, low distortion, high image resolution, repeatable focus and no vignetting.


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