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Corning Varioptic AF explorer kit

Corning Incorporated today announced its latest innovation in liquid lens auto focus technology, the Corning® Varioptic® AF Explorer Kit.

This new auto focus development kit & reference design is a comprehensive platform that offers an out-of-the-box solution in a user-friendly format for anyone, from novice to the most experienced users of liquid lens technology.


The new AF Explorer Kit is specifically designed for users who want to evaluate and study how liquid lenses fit into their specific needs - whether it’s exploring the optical properties and imaging performances, auto focus performances, or any other standard camera function. The new kit can help users lower development costs and implement Corning’s leading liquid lens technology into their imaging applications.

In addition, the kit can also be used as a reference design, with the related source code layout and unique ISP available for user customization*.

The key features of our new development kit include:

  • A ready-to-use USB camera system that can speed up the R&D process when integrating liquid lenses
  • Tools to easily evaluate multiple auto focus modes, including manual focus, closed loop focus with different focusing strategies, and open loop with TOF
  • A starting point or reference for imaging needs that helps users speed up the research and development process for new applications

The AF Explorer Kit supports several types of sensor boards and liquid lens modules, but the default configuration includes a Sony® IMX335 5Mpx sensor and Corning® Varioptic® C-S-25H0-075 Auto Focus Lens Module. For more detailed information on the kit, please refer to the attached related Datasheet (MADS). Updated pricing will be available soon.


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