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EL-12-30-TC liquid lens and ICC-4C lens controller

Building on customer feedback and learnings from over a decade, we are proud to present Optotune’s most effective liquid lens, the EL-12-30-TC. Redesigned from the ground up, it makes use of the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to provide best performance in a compact form-factor.

The tunable lens can be shaped from a flat zero-state into a plano-concave or plano-convex lens, resulting in a focal power range of -6 to +10 diopters (at -250 to +250mA).

The new lens design has been optimized for fast response times and low thermal sensitivity. Cover glasses are AR-coated for 420 to 950nm.

Key advantages:

• Slim housing <6mm

• Fast rise & settling times of 3ms & 10ms

• Low temperature sensitivity <0.01dpt /°C

• Low power consumption of 55mW

ICC-4C Controller

We built this one for you! Over the last couple of years our customers have requested a dedicated controller to drive a combination of lenses in demanding industrial environments. We listened to your needs and built the Optotune ICC-4C for all Machine Vision pioneers!

The ICC-4C controls up to four Optotune lenses simultaneously with +/- 500 mA per channel. Numerous interfaces are provided including USB, Ethernet (PoE+), I2C, UART, 0-10V analog.

Key advantages:

• Suitable for 24/7 operation

• Robust industrial design

• Thermal compensation and step signal conditioning for best performance

• Plug and play with Optotune Cockpit software


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