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Telecentric Backlight Illuminator

Edmund Optics has released the Telecentric Backlight Illuminator, combining the advantages of backlighting an object with the benefits of a telecentric lens design. Backlighting is an excellent way to improve machine vision applications that need to measure edges, because silhouetting the object provides high contrast for improved edge detection while reducing unneeded surface detail. Normal backlights, however, can reduce the sharpness of the edge, because diffuse reflections occur from the broad area output and thus reduce the accuracy of gauging and inspection systems. Because the Telecentric Backlight Illuminator uses parallel rays, it avoids these problems.

The Telecentric Backlight Illuminator is based on the same principals as telecentric measuring lenses, which improve gauging accuracy by eliminating parallax errors. The Illuminators are compatible with the Edmund Optics' Silver Series Telecentric measuring lenses.


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