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Techspec pre-mounted fluorescence filter cubes

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components, has introduced Techspec pre-mounted fluorescence filter cubes. These fluorescence filter cubes easily integrate into Olympus and Nikon microscopes for use in a wide range of life science applications.

Pre-mounting ensures proper alignment of filter sets, saving valuable time. To provide additional application solutions, unmounted Techspec fluorescence filter kits are also available.

Each Techspec pre-mounted fluorescence filter cube includes one Techspec fluorescence dichroic filter and two Techspec fluorescence bandpass filters. These components have been specifically oriented for the optimal excitation and emission of popular fluorophores.

For maximum adaptability, filters may be easily removed and replaced depending upon the application requirements. The cubes are available in 22 different filter combinations for both Olympus and Nikon microscopes.


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