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C-mount focus-tunable lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced new C-mount focus-tunable lenses. These versatile lenses are ideally suited to a wide variety of imaging applications.

The lenses combine electrically-focus tunable lenses with C-mount compatible housings for easy mechanical integration into a wide range of imaging systems. When a control current is applied to the lens, its focal range is adjusted from +80 to +200mm. This variable tuning range – the ability to adjust focal length – allows the user to replace multi-lens focus or zoom systems, saving space, time and cost.

In order to shift the focal range, any 12mm diameter plano-convex (PCX) or plano-concave (PCV) lens with an edge thickness of less than 4.7mm may be used as an offset lens. For imaging applications in the visible spectrum, a C-mount focus-tunable lens with a pre-mounted -150mm BK7 PCV lens is available. Near infrared coating is also available. For planning and specification purposes, prescription data is also available for the user to model the effect an offset lens will have on the overall focal range.


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