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Techspec SWIR fixed focal length imaging lenses

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced Techspec SWIR fixed focal length imaging lenses. These commercially available lenses are designed, coated and tested for the 0.9-1.7μm shortwave infrared wavelength range. EO manufactures its SWIR lenses from optical elements that are specifically designed and dedicated for SWIR wavelengths.

The lenses are available in a 50mm focal length in addition to a 25mm focal length option. The 50mm is offered with C-Mount, F-Mount and M42 x 1.0mm options in order to work on a wide selection of SWIR cameras. They feature a broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) coating from 800nm to 1.8μm to optimise transmission. The lenses have low f/#s for high throughput and excellent performance.

SWIR FFL lenses are commercial off-the-shelf lenses (COTS), designed to cover large 25mm sensors. The lenses serve as an ideal solution for SWIR imaging applications, including inspection, sorting and quality control. EO lens assemblies use glasses that allow the design to be optimised for the SWIR spectrum.


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