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Techspec Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced its new Techspec Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates. Produced in a BK7 substrate, these high performance plates are an easy and convenient tool to correct spherical aberrations.

As light travels through an optical system, many of these systems will experience some level of spherical aberrations. This results in a loss of image quality and can lead to a compromise in overall system performance. The plates are designed to compensate and correct known amounts of spherical aberration. These versatile aberration plates should be used in collimated spaces and placed near an aperture. The transmitted wavefront is accurate to 1/10λ.

The plates are ideally suited for correcting spherical aberrations in systems with small fields of view, and they can be combined to induce the desired amount of compensatory spherical aberration in a given system; negative sign plates create over-corrected spherical aberration while positive plates result in under-corrected spherical aberration. The plates are available in 12.5mm, 25mm and 50mm diameters, in both positive and negative sign plates with aberrations of 0.25λ, 0.50λ and 1.00λ. Ideally, Spherical aberration plates applied to imaging systems will improve overall system performance while decreasing the overall complexity of the design.


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