Techspec IG6 infrared aspheric lenses

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Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components, has introduced Techspec IG6 infrared aspheric lenses. These lenses are well suited to use with IR lasers, in thermal imaging or FTIR spectroscopy, and are compatible with other IR components.

The lenses are designed for use in optical systems with performance in the infrared wavelength region. They are made of IG6, a germanium-free chalcogenide material comprised of arsenic and selenium. IG6, a widely recognised equivalent material for AMTIR-51, features excellent transmission, minimal dispersion, and low change in refractive index with temperature. This simplifies development of colour-corrected, IR optical systems that are also free from thermal defocus.

The lenses provide diffraction limited performance. The lenses feature a lower index of refraction and a higher uncoated transmission than comparable germanium lenses. Uncoated Techspec IG6 IR aspheric lenses are available in 25mm diameter models with focal lengths of 12.5mm or 25mm, and 50mm diameter models with focal lengths of 25mm or 50mm.