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Techspec HPi and HPr lenses

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces the addition of the TECHSPEC®HPi (High Performance Instrumentation) Series for instrumentation imaging applications and the TECHSPEC® HPr (High Performance Ruggedized) Series of stability ruggedized lenses. These two additions combine our high resolution optics with robust, ruggedized mechanics.

The TECHSPEC® HPr Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are high performance, ruggedized version of the HP Series Lenses. Featuring up to 9 MegaPixel resolution, these lenses are stability ruggedized to maintain pointing stability, even after shock and vibration. Designed for excellent machine vision performance, all of the individual optics are glued into place to reduce pixel shift on the image. TECHSPEC® HPr Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses feature robust mechanical components with a simplified focus and a stainless steel locking C-Mount clamp. These durable lenses are optimal for calibrated imaging systems, such as measurement and gauging, 3D stereo vision, robotics and sensing, autonomous vehicles and object tracking. All of the new TECHSPEC® HPi and HPr Fixed Focal Length Lenses offer working distances from 100 mm to infinity and are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

Utilizing the same design and internal optics as the HP Series, the HPi Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed for instrumentation imaging applications. These industrial ruggedized lenses offer a wide variety of fixed aperture options, with up to 9 MegaPixel resolution across the field. Streamlined mechanical components result in a compact size and reduced cost. Using the same adjustable, lockable focus iris as the HP series lenses, the user may set and lock the best focus position for instrumentation integration. TECHSPEC® HPi Series Lenses are ideally suited for any OEM application that requires reduced size, cost, and lockable focus and iris adjustment.


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