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Techspec Compact Telecentric Lenses

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, offers its TECHSPEC® Compact Telecentric Lenses, including six new models with longer working distances of 220 mm and 300 mm. Featuring a telecentric design across all magnification options, these versatile lenses offer a compact, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of machine vision applications. A fixed aperture and lockable focus are excellent for implementation onto assembly lines and factory floors, as they will stay permanently fixed.

TECHSPEC® Compact Telecentric Lenses are designed to be cost competative in high volume applications, with many different working distance/magnification options. Engineered to provide the specifications that users need at a competitive price point, these lenses are well suited for applications ranging from single unit inspection stations to high volume implementation. TECHSPEC® Compact Telecentric Lenses provide superior telecentricity and low distortion, which is ideal for integration into gauging systems.

Available in 40 models

TECHSPEC® Compact Telecentric Lenses are available in 40 different models, with six new longer working distance models. Lenses range from 0,5x to 8x magnification and working distances from 40 mm to 300 mm. All sizes and working distances are available in models with an in-line illumination option, which are designed with a port to connect a fiber optic light guide or LED module. The RoHS compliant lenses feature telecentricities of <0,2° and distortions of <0,2%. TECHSPEC® Compact Telecentric Lenses are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.

Also now available from Edmund Optics is an Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit. This versatile kit is an image-based adaptive optics solution, which includes a MEMS-based deformable mirror, optics, optomechanics, camera and GUI software.

The Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit includes an Iris AO Deformable Mirror. The DM features 111 actuators, with 37 hexagonal piston-tip-tilt (PTT) segments using three actuators each. The mirror is coated with a highly reflective protected silver coating. The Iris AO Deformable Mirrors included in this kit are also sold separately.

Deformable mirror controller corrects or introduces aberrations

The Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit is an excellent choice to explore wavefront sensorless adaptive optics. The Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit includes the Iris AO PTT111 DM and controller with GUI driven software and an easy to use USB interface to introduce or correct monochromatic aberrations. Precision linear open-loop PTT positioning enables high-performance adaptive-optics corrections. Intuitive mirror positioning using PTT values or Zernike coefficients and a USB interface mean you can set precision mirror shapes onto the mirror. The Iris AO PTT111 DM can also be used for testing and development of beam splitting, beam shaping, and other complex algorithms on a user-friendly, easy-to-assemble test bed. The system is compatible with Windows™ 7 and 8 (32-/64-bit) operating systems. The RoHS compliant Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit is in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value. 


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