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Techspec broadband coated 1/10 lambda first surface mirrors

Edmund Optics has introduced Techspec broadband coated 1/10λ first surface mirrors. These versatile dielectric mirrors are designed for applications in the visible to near-infrared spectra including flow cytometry, DNA sequencing and genomics, ophthalmology, spectroscopy, optical metrology, and OCT and medical imaging.

The mirrors provide greater than 99 per cent reflection over a broad wavelength range. The dielectric mirror coatings offer high reflectivity for all polarisation states from 0° to 45° AOI. They feature much higher reflection when compared to standard metal coated mirrors, which optimises system performance by providing minimal energy loss.

Featuring a fused silica substrate, the Techspec mirrors are highly durable and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion. These robust optical mirrors offer a high resistance to abrasion. They are available in twenty standard models with diameters from 5mm to 50mm in 400-750nm and 750-1,100nm broadband configurations.


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