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TCDP and TCZR Multi Mag Optics

Opto Engineering has introduced Multi Mag Optics. The series, TCDP and TCZR, are an optimal solution for imaging and measurement requiring accurate magnification. TCDP Series are double port bi-telecentric lenses supporting two different cameras to measure objects with different magnification factors.

2x and 4x options are available for imaging one half or one fourth of the full FOV: this can be accomplished by switching from one camera to the other via software. Since this technique doesn’t require any moving mechanism, the magnification repeatability is assured, thus providing exceptional measurement accuracy with no need of re-calibrating after zooming. TCDP Series are suitable for any camera up to 2/3-inch format; the lenses can be mounted on CMHO clamping mechanics and fit collimated illuminators and ring light designed for standard TC Series.

TCZR Series is a leading edge optical solution for imaging and measurement applications requiring both the flexibility of zoom lenses and the accuracy of fixed optics. By means of an accurate mechanism, these lenses ensure excellent magnification, focusing and image centre stability when switching from one magnification to another, thus avoiding recalibration.

Four different magnifications, featuring a total range of 8x, can be selected either by means of the onboard control keyboard or via computer through specific remote control software. Bitelecentricity, high resolution and low distortion make these zoom lenses able to perform the same measurement tasks as a fixed magnification telecentric lens.


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