Tapio Kallonen appointed CEO of Specim

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Specim is delighted to announce that Mr. Tapio Kallonen has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company effective as of April 18th, 2018. He succeeds Dr. Georg Meissner, who has requested to leave his position after having led Specim successfully for over 4 years.

Tapio Kallonen will join Specim to lead it after significant investments in new products for the next phase of its ongoing rapid growth plan. Together with the senior management and skilled personnel, he will inspire and ensure Specim’s continued commitment to its clients and partners, providing an unrivaled range of competitive hyperspectral instrumentation and imaging solutions for its clients’ business success.

Risto Kalske, Chairman of Specim Board of Directors, says: “Specim has completed its all-time largest investment in new products which are particularly fitted to meet the needs of Industry OEM clients in a variety of professional applications. Tapio brings a wealth of experience from his earlier role to further develop Specim as a close-to-customer supplier and OEM partner. Without losing Specim’s role as the leading hyperspectral imaging developer, Tapio with his team will ensure that Specim’s products and partnership are easily and professionally available to our rapidly growing industrial clientele. At the same time Specim will further deepen its position as a globally respected manufacturer of demanding solutions for the scientific clientele”.

Tapio Kallonen says: “Specim is a global industry leader in its field with an extensive and solid track-record for over 20 years. I am proud and honored to join and lead the Specim team which possesses exceptional industry insights and understanding of both the technology and how it creates a significant value add to our clients and partners. We have an intriguing job ahead of us to extend the usage of our technical solutions to machine vision and other industrial applications at a large scale. Specim’s impressive inhouse capabilities from all of our functions provide a solid base for us to grow further together with our partners and clients.”

Tapio Kallonen is 34 years old and holds an MSc in Technology from Aalto University, Finland. He has completed his studies in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain and Waseda University, Japan.

Tapio Kallonen has successfully worked as Sales Director at Obelux Oy, a Finnish globally operating manufacturer of LED aviation lights for professional use. Many of his commercial initiatives and operations have spurred on the company for rapid growth and excellent profitability in a short time frame. In private he keeps fit with tennis, skiing, sailing, soccer and golf, and thrives on learning and exploring new concepts and challenges.

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