SpecimOne spectral imaging platform

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Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd., releases the SpecimONE spectral imaging platform for the industrial sorting market. With SpecimONE, machine builders, vision systems integrators, and other OEM's will improve their time-to-market by taking advantage of SpecimONE's agile development practices and creating new sorting applications without coding or in-depth knowledge of hyperspectral imaging.

A powerful tool for industrial applications

SpecimONE is compatible with major industrial standards and allows seamless integration with machine vision systems e.g. Halcon and Sherlock. When combining hyperspectral imaging technology's flexibility with a simplified platform, end-customers can create unlimited amounts of new sorting applications.

"Hyperspectral imaging is an extremely powerful tool for industrial sorting applications. We want to make spectral imaging easy, and SpecimONE is a big step towards that goal ", says Tapio Kallonen, the CEO of Specim. "We have now combined our superior know-how in hardware with easy to use software, creating a truly unique spectral imaging platform," he adds. "We are confident that SpecimONE will answer industrial sorting market needs so that they can make their solutions faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before," Tapio Kallonen concludes.

SpecimONE consists of three essential parts

SpecimONE includes industry-proven Specim FX series hyperspectral camera, SpecimCUBE processing hardware, and SpecimINSIGHT off-line software tool.

Specim FX series cameras are the first hyperspectral instruments designed specifically for industrial use. Cameras' high frame rate meets the industry speed requirements, and robust structure and small size allow flexible installation locations.

SpecimCUBE is a high-performance processing platform to run classification models created by SpecimINSIGHT in realtime, including optimized software to meet industry requirements for throughput, latency, and jitter.

SpecimINSIGHT allows users to browse and explore data, create, and validate classification models. The current feature set focuses on sorting industry requirements:

  • A robust yet fast classification algorithm PLS-DA and support for MROI functionality to benefit from FX series camera speed
  • Support for all Specim dataset format cameras

The camera is available in the UK and Ireland from Quantum Design.

Paul Brown of Fera Science operating the hyperspectral drone camera at Big Wood, Suffolk. Credit: Gary Battell

13 December 2021

Paul Brown of Fera Science operating the hyperspectral drone camera at Big Wood, Suffolk. Credit: Gary Battell

13 December 2021

Image: Konstantin Zibert/shutterstock.com

09 November 2021

Image: Nordroden/shutterstock.com

28 September 2021