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Tachyon range

The Tachyon range from New Infrared Technologies (NIT) is now available via Pacer. The range of focal plane arrays (FPAs) provide uncooled MWIR detection solutions for both civilian and military infrared sensing systems.

Tachyon FPAs feature monolithically integrated readout circuitry and a digital interface for control and data readout (I/O). The arrays allow image acquisition frame rates of 2kHz for the larger resolution 80 x 80 pixel format FPA, and 10kHz for the 32 x 32 pixel version.

The FPA sensors are built directly on top of the Si-CMOS readout circuitry (ROIC), so 8-inch substrates can be used. The spectral response is mainly centred in the MWIR with a peak response at 3.7µm; the material has an extended response down to 1µm.

Most of the processing is made at pixel level and all pixels are read simultaneously (snapshot acquisition). The Si-CMOS ROIC is based on an active pixel sensor design; each pixel includes dark current correction, signal amplification, ADC stage, and programmable gain/offset compensation.

Using Tachyon, industrial applications can move from single point detectors to imaging detectors. Military applications include Active Protection Systems (APS), Passive Infrared Cueing Systems (PICS), final guidance, intelligent ammunition and countermeasures. The FPAs are introduced as the only FPAs in the market for MWIR detection with ROIC and uncooled performance.

The core module includes an 80 x 80 pixel FPA with integrated readout circuitry (ROIC), and also integrates a USB 2.0 interface, acquisition trigger and output trigger circuitry, and power connections. Image acquisition frame rates of 2kHz are achievable.

The module size is 55 x 90 x 60mm, and metal housing and optics are available. The module is ideal for industrial machine vision, gas detection, combustion monitoring, laser monitoring, and military and defence applications.


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