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Nexvision announces a new high-performance video camera (4K 60fps), based on the SONY-IMX253 global shutter image sensor. Global shutter reduces distorsions that may appear, especially when capturing objects in movement. So, this kind of video camera is really useful in several applications as it allows more accurate image analysis: machine vision, surveillance (situational awareness), 360° live panorama for transportation. 

Available in either USB-C or PCIe [PCI express Gen II x 4 (up to 16Gb/s) over fiber optic]. MOOVCAM is the one of the few video camera unleashing the full capacity of the SONY-IMX253 sensor. The fiber-optic allows a long distance remote head for harsh conditions, like high electromagnetic environments, small space available, hard-to-reach area. Its reduced housing (88 x 75 x 61m) allows easy integration.

Other characteristics:

  • Dedicated fiber optic link for highest performance (up to 20Gb/s throughput).
  • Frame grabbing synchronization with opto-isolated input
  • 12-pin Hirose LF10WBRB-12S (mates with LF10WBPD-12P) : power input, 2 opto-isolated digital inputs + 2 opto-isolated digital outputs



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