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Horiba Jobin Yvon has introduced three new ranges of multichannel detectors: the Symphony CCD and InGaAs arrays with LN2 cooling, the Synapse CCD arrays with thermoelectrical cooling, and the Sygnature CCD and PDA ambient temperature linear detectors.

All detectors are compatible with our comprehensive range of spectrometers, with focal lengths from 140mm-1.25m, for almost any spectroscopic application.

The Symphony and Synapse CCDs are available in 14 different chip formats including open electrode, back illuminated and back illuminated with deep depletion. All detectors have full frame scientific grade chips for unrivalled sensitivity and linearity.

The low cost plug-and-play Sygnature detector is available as a 3648 pixel CCD or 1024 pixel photo diode array - the former for high sensitivity and the latter for wide dynamic range.


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