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SWIR camera MV3-D640I-M01-144-G2

The SWIR camera MV3-D640I-M01-144-G2 with the GigE interface from Photon Focus is constantly being developed further, to better support the realization of various applications. The firmware release 1.5 contains the following changes:

Golden Core added: This allows you to install future firmware updates via software. 

Extended correction options implemented for defective pixels: Defective pixels are adaptively corrected with information from the 3x3 or 5x5 environment of the defective pixel or pixel cluster. The interpolation algorithms can be adapted by the user for the applications. Restricting the direction of interpolation to column or row alignment may be used in hyperspectral imaging systems for error correction, without reducing the spatial resolution.

Updated Binning function: The scaling of the data can be set after binning. Thus you achieve an amplification of the signal.

New feature: FrameCombine: For small ROIs or MROIs in hyperspectral systems with fast image capture, the FrameCombine feature was built in to reduce the interrupt rate by combining small into larger images. As a result, image data rates above 1 kHz can also be achieved in systems based on GigE data transmission.


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