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Sundance reengineers SMT370 interface

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology has created a new version of its SMT370 interface, reengineered into an industrial variant.

The standard SMT370 was launched five years ago and provides an analogue interface for digital signal processing applications.

In addition to the installation of industrial-rated components, the heat sink and fan arrangement of the standard version has been replaced by a custom-made anodised aluminium heat sink, which doubles as a Faraday cage, protecting the analogue signals from noise.

With no air-flow the system is rated to an ambient temperature of 40ºC, with no moving parts to replace.

Flemming Christensen, managing director of Sundance Multiprocessor Technology, said: ‘This is a significant milestone in our programme to bring our modular FPGA and DSP power to industrial applications.’

The SMT370-I offers a pair of 14-bit ADCs clocked at 105MHz and a pair of 16-bit DACs clocked up to 400MHz with interpolation. These are integrated with its large Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA.

The module can be combined with Sundance's range of DSP, FPGA, storage and radio modules to create full digital processing systems from COTS parts.

With support from 3L Diamond FPGA, the SMT370 can be integrated into complex arrays of modules, with all the configuration and communication functions handled behind the scenes using a simple but powerful GUI.


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