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PC/104 product family

Sundance, a manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing and reconfigurable FPGA systems, has released the PC/104 product family, which includes multi-channel analogue-to-digital digitisers for embedded sensor applications and imaging for hyper spectral camera devices onboard UAVs, among other applications.

By building PC/104 products around Xilinx's Virtex-5 FPGAs and by augmenting the devices with multiple DRAM and SRAM memory banks, intensive signal processing algorithms, such as ultra long FFT engines can be implemented into the FPGA fabric to ensure real-time performance targets can be met while reducing system cost.

The Sundance Series 1 is architected around Xilinx multi-platform Virtex-5 devices with embedded PowerPC processor core. Two unique architectures are available: the SMT100 with 512 megabytes DDR2 SDRAM for data buffering and processing and the SMT105 that has an optimised mix of multiple QDR2 SRAM and DDR2 SDRAM memory banks for real-time signal processing tasks. 


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