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Firstsight Vision has launched the Stingray series of cameras from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT). The cameras combine the functionality of the Pike family with the sensors and compact size of the Marlin series. The six Stingray versions feature progressive scan colour or monochrome CCD sensors, each available with resolutions from VGA to 2 Megapixels. Advanced thermal management for the sensors reduces dark current noise and improves image quality.

A wide selection of lens connectors, sensors, casings, interfaces and cable output jacks allow more than 7,000 configurations to satisfy a large range of applications. Angle-head systems or OEM versions are also available. Stingray cameras are also compatible with the Common Vision Blox imaging toolkit from Stemmer Imaging.

A FireWire IEEE 1394b interface is provided as standard. Versions with either two copper wire FireWire connections or with a copper wire/fibre optical connection are also available. The fibre optical version enables data to be easily transferred over large distances.

The cameras offer many functions for image pre-processing, such as look-up tables, shading correction, white balancing and 2x to 8x binning for increased light sensitivity. The internal memory and deferred data transfer provided by the grabber functions make the Stingray series ideally suited to multi-camera operation, while the sequence mode facilitates rapid changes in camera settings.


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