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Marlin F-131B

Firstsight Vision can now offer the Marlin F-131B NIR FireWire camera from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT). The AVT Marlin F-131B NIR is a compact monochrome FireWire camera equipped with a highly sensitive 2/3-inch CMOS sensor with Global Shutter, giving SXGA resolution and high-quality images in 8-bit format. This sensor offers almost twice the sensitivity in the far red and near infrared wavelength ranges compared to the standard sensor.

IR light generally has less surface scattering and greater transmission. High transmission can make IR ideal for inspecting package fill levels or detecting the presence of foreign matter. Lower surface scattering means that IR light can provide clear inspection of surface details such as scratches, chips, holes, edges or characters on a wide variety of materials including paper, cloth, plastics and metals, even if they are covered with print or paint. NIR imaging is particularly important in applications in the food processing and food sorting industries, where it may reveal artifacts such as bruising or decay on produce such as fruit or pulses. The camera also has applications in print verification and pharmaceuticals, as well as parts inspection.

With a frame rate of up to 25fps at full-resolution, Marlin F-131B NIR is ideally suited for use in industrial image processing and production automation. The camera's integrated smart functions mean that no external framegrabber is required. The F-131B NIR benefits from all the features common to the Marlin family of cameras including flexible AOI, adjustable frame rate, and a high dynamic range. Extensive image preprocessing capabilities include manual and auto gain and exposure, real time shading correction, and programmable LUT.


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