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Protective windows for lenses

MidOpt introduces Protective Windows, designed to shield lenses and enclosures from dirt, dust, liquids, impact and harsh environments without sacrificing image quality. Protective Windows are useful for imaging in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrums. MidOpt offers a variety of glass and acrylic Protective Windows, depending on the application and environment.

Glass Protective Windows offer superior durability, can withstand high operating temperatures and are a great solution for applications requiring exceptional surface quality. Acrylic Protective Windows are a cost-effective, lightweight solution for protecting the lens. MidOpt Protective Windows are offered with anti-reflection (AR) and oleophobic (anti-smudge) coating options.

Protective Window types include: Fused Silica, Borofloat®, Sapphire, Precision Windows, Industrial-Grade Glass and Acrylic.


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