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SWIR filters and wire-grid polarisers

Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt), a worldwide leader in manufacturing machine vision filters specially designed to enhance contrast and image quality, will showcase their new Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Filters and Wire-Grid Polarizers November 6 through 8 at VISION Messe Stuttgart booth #1G53. SWIR Filters enhance the image quality of InGaAs camera technology for a variety of machine vision applications and are useful for applications imaging from 900-2300nm. Wire-Grid Polarizers are effective in both the visible and infrared, ranging from 400-2000nm.

MidOpt will also be showcasing the key features of a quality machine vision filter, including wavelength control, passband performance, high transmission, repeatability, and mounting solutions. For more information about important design features, MidOpt filter types and what applications each filter is best used for, attend their presentation Tuesday, November 6 at 11:30 am, Stage 2, Halle 1, Stand A75. MidOpt Technical Training Manager and Presenter Georgy Das will explain why a MidOpt machine vision filter is not just a machine vision filter.

Attendees are also invited to stop by MidOpt booth #1G53 to enter to win a free Filter Kit. The MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit features the 10 most popular Bandpass Filters used in machine vision. By using optical filters with white light, the user can determine the wavelength that maximizes contrast and improves the resolution of the feature they want to isolate. MidOpt FK200 Filter Kits can also be purchased at a show-special price of €400 (a €710 value).


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