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Stabilizer SDK 1.0

Jomago, based in Liège, Belgium, has released Jomago Stabilizer SDK 1.0, offering a development library for Windows and Linux enabling the stabilisation of shaky videos.

The SDK is designed to process and fix video streams where the camera position is unstable and suffers from jitter.

The SDK is a software library meant for developers to integrate in their own applications. These application can range from consumer-level video editing applications, Internet video hosting services, professional non-linear editing (NLE) software packages or CCTV, machine vision, automotive, military or medical applications. Video shakiness can occur in applications where the camera support (building, pole) is battered by the wind or swaying, or in mobile applications when the camera shoots from within a car or a plane.

A CCTV or machine vision camera may also suffer from mechanical vibrations originating from a nearby machine or motor. Such vibrations are greatly amplified when using a zoom or telephoto lens.

Many surveillance and machine vision applications, such as object tracking and measurement, people counting or license plate recognition, are much more effective when they can rely on a fixed background, which can subsequently be analysed and separated from the objects of interest.

Jomago Stabilizer analyses a video stream by using an online method, suitable when processing live images, or an offline processing that processes a whole video sequence in a single pass. The SDK is able to cope with camera jitter with varying amplitude and frequency, and applies a dynamic correction to counteract this jitter, where the horizontal and vertical camera displacements are smoothed out. Optionally, rotational corrections can also be applied.

Its processing is very robust, while still remaining fast and suitable for real-time use, even when the image background is noisy or features compression artefacts.

When the camera is moving, an advanced tracking algorithm effectively removes the camera jitter and ensures the movement is smoothed out without becoming jerky.

Jomago Stabilizer is able to process colour or monochrome video, in any resolution. Its processing is able to cope with images originating from visible light as well as from thermal or IR sensors.

To optimise Jomago Stabilizer CPU usage, for instance when processing HD videos or several streams at once, its processing can be done on scaled-down video images or in a rectangular region of interest (ROI) in these images, the latter being very useful when the camera is fixed and a part of the image is known to represent the background scene.

Other features include optional correction of rolling shutter-induced distortions, occurring when using CMOS sensors, and various ways of controlling the correction process, such as choosing the camera trajectory correction strength, or enabling a zoom that compensates for the black borders caused by the shifting and rotation process.

Jomago Stabilizer is available as a multi-language SDK for Linux or Microsoft Windows, and will also be available soon as an industry-standard DirectShow filter.


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