Vision Suite 1.0

Vision Suite 1.0 from industrial camera manufacturer IDS provides full software support for evaluating and setting up GigE Vision cameras quickly and easily. The software package includes a graphical user interface, which can be used to test connected cameras quickly without programming a single line of code. It also includes a range of tools, which can be used, for example, to automate the configuration of several cameras. The Vision Suite is available for all 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems and can now be downloaded free of charge from the IDS website.

The Vision Suite includes the Vision Cockpit and various command line tools, as well as the GenTL Producer. Vision Cockpit can be used, for example, to query and configure the IP address of the connected cameras. The camera properties can also be configured, and divided into the categories ‘beginner’, ‘expert’, and ‘guru’ in accordance with the GenICam SFNC (Standard Feature Naming Convention). Settings such as the frame rate or the exposure time can also be selected.

The advantage of the command line tools is that they can be automated using scripts or used on systems without graphical user interfaces. The GenTL Producer can be used to access the camera from the application itself or from any third-party program via the GenICam Interface, even if this software itself does not support the GigE Vision standard.

With the Vision Suite, IDS is continuing to expand its range of GigE Vision solutions and, with the GigE uEye CP and GigE uEye FA series, is offering a range of camera models that also come with GigE Vision firmware.


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