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Sprint line scan family

Basler Vision Technologies is expanding its high sensitivity Sprint line scan family by adding colour variants with the resolutions of 2k, 4k and 8k.

The maximum line rate includes 70kHz for the 2k or 4k resolution variants, and 39kHz for the 8k colour model. The colour variants are based on the same next generation CMOS sensor as the monochrome models. The sensor combines the positive attributes of CCD and CMOS in a dual line sensor and provides outstanding image quality. The sensor is sensitive with low noise. These attributes enable high quality images to be captured in low light conditions and at high line rates, which are common in line scan applications.

The colour images are generated by CMOS dual line sensor with a pixel pitch of 10µm. The first line contains red and green information. The second line contains green and blue information. Due to the fact that the two sensor lines can be controlled separately, the Sprint colour line scan cameras can be used with different colour options. In summary, three different colour modes of operation can be used. Depending on the requirements of the application the focus can be either on higher sensitivity, higher colour fidelity or on reduced data rate. To get direct RGB data out of the camera and higher sensitivity the Sprint can be switched to an effective pixel pitch of 20µm.

The two adjacent sensor lines have absolutely no gap between each other. Thus, no spatial artefacts occur, benefiting image quality, especially when inspecting rotating or moving objects.

The cameras in the Sprint family include features such as an AOI (area of interest) with speed increase, shading correction, test images, line stamps, configuration sets, and error condition detection.


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