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eXcite camera family

The new ‘contact plane’ housing variant for Basler’s eXcite intelligent camera family is designed to maximise heat dissipation via direct metal contact. Instead of an integrated heat sink, the new housing variant provides a flat plane for mounting the camera. Required heat dissipation can be achieved more efficiently via direct heat flow through metal contact. The housing is more compact and provides easier integration into a wider variety of applications.

The eXcite family merges Basler’s digital camera technology and a high-performance embedded PC in one small housing. This single component offers the capability of both capturing and processing images based on the customer’s C++ application software. eXcite versions are available with sensor resolutions from VGA to 2.0 Megapixels and can capture images at up to 180fps.

The performance of the integrated 1.0GHz Linux PC provides the base for complex, high-speed image processing. The interface includes USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and digital I/O connections. Users can, for example, feed calculated results directly into a production process and trigger removal of defective parts from an assembly line.


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