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Sprint cameras

Camera manufacturer Basler has expanded its Sprint series of line scan cameras. The existing Camera Link models with 39kHz, 70kHz and 140kHz line scan rates were joined by monochrome and colour versions offering 50kHz at 2k and 4k resolution.

The new models are developed for all applications that require the full benefits of outstanding image quality at moderate speeds, all at an attractive price. Basler is also offering versions of the Sprint (Enhanced Shading Correction) by request for optimal results in low-light situations.

All versions of the Sprint recently started shipping with the new firmware, version 1.17. The changes include powerful colour enhancements for all colour camera models. A six-axis operator is used to achieve high levels of colour fidelity. A handbook and other useful documents on configuring colours can be found in the Basler download area.

The Sprint line scan cameras are based on two-line CMOS sensor technology and have speeds of up to 140kHz. The cameras with large 10µm pixels are highly sensitive even in low-light and where high speeds are needed.


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