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Sprint 8k

Basler Vision Technologies has introduced the Sprint 8k, a new member of the Sprint line scan camera family. A dual line CMOS sensor design provides outstanding image quality at a maximum line rate of 70kHz at 8192 pixels.

The Basler Sprint line scan family is based on a next generation pixel design that combines the positive attributes of CCD and CMOS in a dual line sensor. The sensor provides high sensitivity and low noise, attributes that enable good results in low light conditions and high line rates.

Sprint cameras include powerful features such as an AOI (area of interest) with speed increase, shading correction, test images, line stamps, configuration sets, and error condition detection. Two types of shading correction (PRNU and DSNU correction) lets users correct for image variations, which might result from optics, lighting, or sensor performance. The more homogeneous behavior provided by shading correction is a major advantage for many vision applications. A time delayed line sum feature is also included that can double the camera's sensitivity and increase the SNR by up to 3dB. This is achieved by using the two lines in the sensor to scan each area on the object twice with time delay and then combine the collected information.

Thanks to the sensitivity of the Sprint, users can continue to work with the existing lighting systems at a higher speed.

To integrate the Sprint 8k with its pixel pitch of 10µm into a specified application, two different lens mount adapters are available. Lens systems with magnifications from 80mm to 150mm or higher can be used.

The Basler Sprint series already includes monochrome cameras with resolutions of 2k and 4k. Colour versions for all resolutions will be introduced later this year.


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