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Racer line scan camera

Basler has introduced the first models of its cost-effective line scan camera family, Racer. The cameras are compact, easy to integrate, and deliver excellent image quality.

The Racer cameras are available with either a Gigabit Ethernet or a Camera Link interface. They use the latest line scan sensors based on highly sensitive CMOS technology and reach line rates of up to 48kHz via Gigabit Ethernet and up to 80kHz with the Camera Link interface.

Basler has released 2k and 4k models to begin with. Other models with 8k and 12k resolutions will follow in the second half of 2012. With this new series, Basler covers the whole spectrum of standard line scan cameras.

The Camera Link models are equipped with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support so that data and power are transported over the same cable. This reduces both the overall costs for accessories and the system complexity. In addition, Mini Camera Link accessories are less expensive than regular Camera Link equipment, which lowers costs further, especially in larger systems.

Racer cameras have an industrial housing with 56mm width and 62mm height. With this compact design, they are an ideal fit for multi-camera designs especially where many line scan cameras are installed side-by-side.

The cameras are also available in the UK from vision distributor Multipix Imaging.


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