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SpecSensor SDK

Specim Spectral Imaging has released its SpecSensor SDK for the company’s hyperspectral sensors. The SDK allows users to control Specim’s hyperspectral sensor parameters and acquire the data in a unified manner.

SpecSensor SDK is a C++ development kit providing a feature-based system. Sensor properties can be added without a need for integration updates and properties are accessed by named strings. Specim will provide software updates and support for new sensors without breaking backward compatibility with existing systems.

Being a C++ library and not exposing any binary structures, SpecSensor SDK has very good interoperability with other programming languages. With the help of pilot customers and partners, Specim has been developing several wrappers, including wrappers for C#, Java, Matlab and LabView.

SpecSensor SDK is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and has been tested on Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems.


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