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Sony IMX174

Framos is pleased to announce the new Sony IMX174 CMOS sensor with global shutter function. This sensor is available in monochrome (LLJ) and colour (LQJ) version and provides an optical format of 13.4mm with a pixel size of 5.86μm square and 2.3 Megapixel effective resolution.

A new pixel with analogue memory was developed for the IMX174, which eliminates the generation of focal plane distortion by scanning all pixel signals at once. The sensor has an LVDS 8 channel output, and achieves high-speed imaging with a maximum frame rate of 164.5fps using 10 bit ADC or 128.2fps using 12 bit ADC.

The IMX174 has internal register settings for switching the vertical scan direction of the sensor and supports a 2 frame set output mode utilizing high-speed frame rates. In this mode, separate exposure times can be set for 2 consecutive frames, and each set of 2 frames can be handled as a single set to automatically output consecutive images. It can generate an image with a wide dynamic range as a result of the combination of multiple frames.


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