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Smart Magic camera

New Imaging Technologies, a developer of wide dynamic range imaging solutions for the visible and SWIR, has introduced two new Smart MAGIC camera products in visible with its 1.3 megapixels NSC1003 (MC1003-1GB or C) and its WVGA NSC1104 (MC1104-PGB).

These compact and low power consumption cameras, offering GiGe Vision output in 14 bits, can be triggered and deliver 140dB images or RAW data for serving machine or computer vision demanding applications.

Thanks to its three-mode operating (Rolling, Global or Differential), the Smart Magic MC1003 series – available in monochrome or 24 bits RGB color - brings imaging, gesture, movement or edge detection in fast changing or ultra-bright illuminated scene.

The Smart Magic MC1104 camera can not only image high light level but can also be radiometrically calibrated by customer for transforming it into high temperature thermography instrument.


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