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Wide Dynamic Range InGaAs cameras series

New Imaging Technologies is proud to bring to the market its brand new analog Wide Dynamic Range InGaAs cameras series in 320x256 pixel (QVGA) or 640x512 pixels (VGA).

The analog WiDy SWIR cameras are available in CCIR (25fps) or EIA (30fps) version with either rolling QVGA 320A or global/snapshot QVGA 320A-S and VGA 640A-S. TECless and offering over 140dB intra-scene dynamic, these smart cameras provide real time standard analog videos with NIT operating system through BNC output.

They embed advanced on-board image processing including Non Uniformity Correction, Bad Pixel Replacement, Automatic Gain Control and other advanced features such as edge enhancement, local histogram adjustment, color palette...  In addition, they can be externally controlled to specific customer needs through RS232 using NIT WiDyCIRENE GUI software.

The WiDy SWIR 320A, A-S and 640A-S cameras are plug and play, come fully calibrated from factory and can operate from -40°C to +70°C. They are ideal for various applications requiring harsh environment sustainability, low power consumption, small weight and size, and high dynamics such as welding, glass industry monitoring, surveillance, UAV, EVS...


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