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EyeSens ColorInspect

EVT presents the EyeSens ColorInspect, a vision sensor for the inspection of color-based quality characteristics. The integrated EyeVision software with commands for color inspection verify colored objects with high accuracy, with the speed of up to 60 frames per second.

The EyeVision software is very precise, which means that the software can not only detect color print errors, but also recognize missing components and assembly groups which do not match. Meanwhile the hardware around the sensitive core, is robust and imperturbable. The vision sensor levels out vibrations or fast movements of the machine in the production line. With IP67 and the integrated LED illumination in the camera housing, the camera is suitable for harsh, industrial environments.

With EyeVision color control and color comparison can be controlled by the software, which provides valuable information for the production flow in many ways. In many industrial environments, the color control is an important part of the whole quality control, because some products cannot be sold with color flaws and can also lead to reclamation from the customer. And this does not only concern the objective recognition of color deviations, but also this is also about the subjective effect of color. For example in case the color is applied to different base material, a color variation effect can occur. And it is quite difficult to prevent color variations inside tolerable boarders. With the EyeSens ColorInspect EVT has come close to a 100%-quality control of color variations in image processing.

The software detects immediately smallest color defects and also low contrast and contamination such as e.g. when checking lacquer for the car body construction, when checking the color of metal parts in the automotive industry or even when checking the color sequence and color quality of multicore cables.

The applications are also almost endless, because the color inspection can be applied in various industries such as e.g. pharmaceutical, electronic, food and beverage, automotive, print and paper industries.

And above all this, the handling of the vision sensor is very easy. Especially because of the integrated illumination, is this a plug-and-play camera with industrial standards. And also the creation of inspection programs is easy, due to the graphical user interface and the drag-and-drop programming.



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