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EyeCheck 9xx

EVT has released its smart camera series EyeCheck 9xx. The cameras are ultra-compact making them easy to integrate into existing systems. They are available in monochrome and colour versions and in combination with the powerful EyeVision 2.6 image processing software, they can recognise even indistinct patterns.

The EyeCheck 900 cameras are robust and suitable for industrial applications, and due to the IP67 housing are especially suitable for rugged environments.

The cameras are based on CMOS sensors and have a resolution ranging from 640 x 480 to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels. With its ARM processor, the camera series has a speed of 1GHz. Additionally, they are equipped either with an integrated lens and illumination (focal length: 6, 12 or 25mm; illumination: red, green or blue) or with a C-mount socket.

The combination with the EyeVision 2.6 software offers a large reduction in development time and deployment and maintenance cost for machine vision systems. The camera series is ideal for use in various industries, such as automobile and supply industries, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, packaging, food and beverage, semiconductor, as well as machines and plant engineering.


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