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AT Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux

Providing imaging temperature measurement technology that is user-friendly, highly precise, flexible and fail-safe: this has always been the mission of AT – Automation Technology. The company from Bad Oldesloe has therefore added a new decisive component to its IRS product family, namely the AT Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux. This recent development is the perfect complement for infrared cameras, enabling them to increase temperature measurement accuracy to the limits of what is technically achievable and ensure fail-safe operation.

For non-contact temperature measurement, the IRS Calilux provides a highly precise temperature reference value which is used to correct the measured temperature values of the infrared camera. The measuring accuracy of such cameras can thus be improved to a previously unknown value of +/- 0.3 degrees. Especially in times of corona, this has made the decisive difference to the competition in body temperature measurement with the mobile access control "FebriScan" developed by AT.

The reference value is independent of the ambient conditions. Even strongly changing ambient temperatures or drafts have no influence on the precision of the device. In addition, the IRS Calilux can also provide the current values for the ambient temperature and humidity, which are essential parameters in non-contact temperature measurement. The accuracy of determining object temperatures with infrared cameras can thus also be significantly improved.

With its latest development, AT – Automation Technology is setting new standards in terms of connectivity, integration and functionality. The connection to infrared cameras or other system components is bidirectional via Ethernet and / or WiFi. On the one hand, the highly accurate reference values are transmitted, but it is also possible to set and query all the settings of the blackbodies in this way. For easy integration into existing and future systems, the AT Smart Blackbody has a variety of integrated IoT protocols such as Fieldbus, REST-API and MQTT. When using smart infrared cameras, e.g. from the IRSX series from AT - Automation Technology, data is exchanged directly with the cameras. Otherwise the data communication can of course also be established with peripheral components, in case of non-intelligent cameras, e.g. with a computer, with evaluation software.

With its unique features, the use of the AT Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux together with infrared cameras offers considerable advantages for numerous applications in a wide range of industries. It also allows the reliable setup of suitable temperature monitoring systems. Examples include continuous temperature monitoring of production processes, thermal monitoring of plants or early fire detection. Therefore, the AT Smart Blackbody not only enables temperature measurement with the highest reliability and precision, but is also the decisive component for fail-safe operation of such monitoring systems.

In addition to the version for continuous monitoring tasks, the IRS Calilux is also available in a version designed for checking the calibration of infrared cameras. This inspection task, which must be carried out periodically for temperature-measuring cameras to prove the measuring equipment capability, is often a problem with permanently installed cameras. Here, the cameras cannot simply be dismantled and sent to the manufacturer without interrupting the thermal monitoring for days or weeks. With the IRS Calilux, an ideal instrument is now available with which the operator can carry out the calibration check in the shortest possible time, simply and cost-effectively. The AT Smart Blackbody has a heating and cooling device for this purpose, so that precise reference temperatures can be set both above and below the ambient temperature.

To guarantee the highest accuracy, every IRS Calilux is calibrated with a traceable calibration standard before delivery. AT – Automation Technology offers a calibration service to prove the measuring equipment capability of the AT Smart Blackbody. In particular, the version of the IRS Calilux for checking the calibration of IR cameras should be recalibrated at regular intervals as part of this service.


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