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PCB inspection with IRSX smart infrared camera

PCBs, short for Printed Circuit Boards, are printed circuit boards that are nowadays installed in every electronic device such as mobile phones, radios or laptops. In order to meet the high demands of technical quality, reliable quality assurance is required.

A simple and highly automatable way of quality assurance is via the temperature distribution of the components: the functionality of the PCB is guaranteed if the temperature distribution of the components exactly corresponds to the predefined standard values as soon as voltage is applied. With the help of its IRSX smart infrared camera, AT makes it possible to detect even small component defects by means of the produced thermal signature, which is displayed in the form of a temperature image. The app can be adapted to PCB inspection with minimal configuration effort, allowing PCBs to be assessed as good or bad based on their thermal signature.

The IRSX smart infrared camera sends the results as reliable signals to the process control system. For example, if a trace is broken, no heating is visible, whereas defects in a conductor or electronic component are visible as a temperature increase and so-called hotspot.

This gives IRSX users three unbeatable advantages:

1. efficient production of PCBs by sorting out defective products in time
2. reliable measurement results thanks to high-precision inspection
3. minimal effort thanks to the IRSX's integrated evaluation app

Moreover, if the PCB inspection involves extremely small areas, the IRSX can even be equipped with microscope optics.


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