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Single-camera solution for combined colour 2D and 3D inspection systems

With the increase in demand for industrial vision systems that combine colour 2D and 3D inspection it has become critical that these systems can make correlations between colour properties and the 3D shape of the objects. The addition of colour line scan cameras into these laser triangulation systems helps solve this problem.

System Integrators have asked Photonfocus for a single-camera solution to support combined colour 2D and 3D inspection systems. A recently published application report from M3C Industrial Automation and Vision in Vision System Design (April 2016 p.9-10, describes the practical implementation of a cork inspection system with combined image analysis.

The system setup combines a 50µm white structured LED light from Effilux (Les Ulis, France, and the Photonfocus DR1-D2048x1088C-192-G2-8 high speed colour camera. The high power LED from Effilux enables speckle-free triangulation of the object and white light illumination for colour inspection. The DR1-D2048x1088C-192-G2-8 Photonfocus camera features two important properties for this application; a robust industrial GigE interface with Photonfocus Double-Rate technology captures 1800 line profiles per second at an ROI of 896 x 100 pixels, while the high sensitive colour CMOS sensor ensures images with high colour fidelity. Combining high scan rates, high colour fidelity together with bright illumination are the key issues in 2D/3D colour inspection systems.

Photonfocus and their extensive worldwide sales network are available to discuss your requirements for 3D inspection systems, choose the right camera model, choose the right software and quickly help you benefit from using these products in your application.


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