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MV-D1024E-3D01-160 camera

Photonfocus has launched the MV-D1024E-3D01-160 camera, which is optimised for 3D laser triangulation applications. The 3D camera uses an algorithm for accurate and robust laser line detection, called Peak Detector.

The camera incorporates Photonfocus' CMOS A1024 sensor with LinLog technology. The LinLog technology enables robust inspection of different material surfaces and simultaneous 2D/3D inspection. The sensor is supplied with a fast global shutter, which is indispensable in any 3D high speed scanning application.

The Peak Detector algorithm provides enhanced laser line detection in the FPGA of the MV-D1024E-3D01-160 camera. The algorithm features COG (Centre of Gravity), and carries out all necessary calculations to extract a laser profile from a laser scanned image at sub-pixel accuracy.

The MV-D1024E-3D01-160 camera delivers 150fps at full 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution. The CMOS A1024 sensor has the possibility of further increasing the speed by reducing the ROI (Region of Interest) through horizontal and vertical windowing.


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