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The new SIM-02 multi-channel framing camera from Specialised Imaging incorporates high-resolution image intensifiers with double pulsing techniques an excellent optical design.

The SIM-02 high-speed imaging to scientists and engineers working in material studies (impact mechanics, crack propagation, impact deformation), automotive (combustion research), aerospace (stress failure, aerodynamic performance), high voltage electrical discharge research, plasma studies and nanotechnology. The proprietary optical design offers up to 16 separate channels giving 32 separate images without compromising on image quality. Effects such as parallax and shading, inherent in other framing camera designs, are eliminated and the high spatial resolution (<30 lp/mm) remains the same frame to frame and in both axes.

Individual ultra-high resolution intensified CCD detectors, controlled by state-of-the-art electronics, offer almost infinite control over gain and exposure allowing researchers total freedom to capture images of even the most difficult phenomena. The 402, 602 and 802 version of this imaging system also incorporate a secondary optical view port, which allows other analytical instruments such as high-speed video, streak camera or time-resolved spectrometer to share the camera's optical input making the SIM-02 the most versatile ultra high-speed framing camera on the market.

Full remote control using Ethernet comes as standard, while an integral TFT monitor allows users to 'see what the camera sees' in real-time, thus allowing easy optimisation of focus and lighting to achieve spectacular results.


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