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Specialised Imaging has developed a new colour version of its SIR3 camera.

Employing red, green and blue filters on each image intensifier channel the new SIR3 is capable of simultaneously acquiring two separate ultra-high resolution full colour images, providing unmatched displacement and velocity data for ballistic and munition testing. Capable of capturing up to11-million-pixel (4008 x 2688) resolution images in 36-bit colour across a wide dynamic range, enables amazing colorimetric effects on fast moving objects to be recorded clearly for the first time.

Using the input from two separate sensors, SureShot real-time hardware on the SIR3 enables reliable image capture of even unpredictable high-speed objects. Users have the option to narrow the field of view of the camera, further increasing resolution. Rigid all-metal IP54-compliant construction renders the camera ideally suited to deliver excellent results in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

The colour SIR3 camera features an optical viewfinder to enable easy image focusing and framing while maintaining the possibility of electronic focusing using an external thin-film transistor monitor and focus button. All imaging functions on the colour SIR3 can be controlled over standard 1-Gb/s Ethernet. Comprehensive software provides simple control of imaging parameters and extensive measurement tools to analyse results. Image archiving in a variety of file formats is supported. For situations that require more complex measurements, several cameras can be operated from a single control computer with timings for all cameras linked to the same control screen.