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In-Sight Micro 1500

Cognex Corporation, the world's leader in machine vision, today announced the high-acquisition speed In-Sight® Micro 1500, a compact, smart-camera vision system that achieves acquisition speeds greater than 200 frames per second (fps).

The In-Sight 1500 is capable of performing up to 400 inspections per second with 640x240 resolution. The new product also allows users to select resolution options for up to 200 inspections per second at 640x480 resolution and up to 150 inspections per second at 800x600.

“The In-Sight Micro 1500 combines fast acquisition speeds with high power processing to carry out inspection tasks on every item, on even the fastest production lines,” says Joerg Kuechen, Vice President and Business Unit Manager, Vision Products. “This allows food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers to distribute inspection at critical points along very high-throughput production lines to improve product quality and reduce costs.”

In-Sight Micro packs a complete vision system into a remarkably small package that measures just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm, which makes it ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on robots, production lines and machinery. 

The In-Sight Micro 1500 is particularly well suited to meet the high-speed demands of package assembly, presence-absence applications, machine tending and conveyor tracking in the consumer product, medical device and electronics industries. The In-Sight Micro 1500 vision system is available now.


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