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In-Sight Micro

Cognex has launched the In-Sight Micro vision system, a complete vision system the size of a remote-head camera. The system is built into a compact housing measuring 30 x 30 x 60mm and is suitable for mounting in tight spaces on robots, production lines and machinery. In addition to its small size, a non-linear calibration tool allows flexible mounting at angles of up to 45° for awkward applications.

Five In-Sight Micro models cover a range of price, performance, and resolution levels, including a two Megapixel model. The Cognex vision tool library, which can handle a broad range of vision applications in a variety of industries, is also included.

The new EasyBuilder configuration software provides a simple point-and-click approach and leads users through the process of setting up a vision application step by step. The software eliminates the need for programming, yet is flexible enough to customise complex applications when necessary.

The VisionView 700 operator interface panel enables production processes to be monitored without a PC. Once connected, VisionView automatically detects any Cognex vision system on the network and displays information from up to nine vision systems in a tiled view.

The In-Sight Micro vision system, EasyBuilder software, and VisionView display will be available at the end of March 2008.


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